Syracuse is getting ready to welcome the Sport History


The beautiful setting of the historic and charming city of Syracuse is preparing to host an extraordinary event, the Canoe Polo World Championships. Canoe Polo is not so much known in the eyes of the big audience, but it’s a fantastic sport, with great performances, competition, entertainment and a lot of emotions.

It’s been 21 years since the first edition in the UK, in Sheffield, and the last Championship was held in France, in Thury-Harcourt. Many Nations will compete for the title of world champions, currently held by France in the category of Men and by Germany in the Women’s Category.

The presence of the young athletes of the Under-21 male and female teams is confirmed. They will battle for the world title (France and Germany are the defending Champions). The city of Syracuse is proud to represent Italy in this important job and will be ready, in a year or so, to host athletes from around the world. We all look forward to be part a unique and exciting competition.

We invite players and supporters to follow the updates on our website and on our official pages on social media, and you will always have fresh news about the Event program. The countdown has begun, Syracuse is waiting for you!

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