ICF Canoe Polo World Championships 2016


The ICF Canoe Polo World Championship is an extraordinary international event and the honor of hosting this event in Italy and in Syracuse confirms us, once again, at the top in organization’s skills.

Syracuse, with its natural “Water Stadium” surrounded by history and nature, will surely be the perfect location. We are ready to organize this important sport event in the best way, to bring prestige to the city of Syracuse, to the Olympic Committee and to our nation.

All the organization committee, strongly assisted by the local administration, by the various local authorities, by the port authorities and by the Air Force, but also by small and medium enterprises, is engaged in this project of great importance for the city of Syracuse.

This will be the first event of its kind that will take place in the very heart of a city, with a historic center whose beauties are universally recognized!

Our aim is to give the best hospitality to all those who will come next year in Syracuse. Presidents of International Federations, team managers, but especially the athletes who will be the key for the success of the World Competition.

We are developing many initiatives to ensure that people can enjoy not only the main sport event, but also the landscape, the climate and the warmth that the city of Syracuse, and of course all the sicilian people, will be ready to give.

The Volunteering engine has already been started up. We have requests from all over Italy. We are working in order to give the right support to all the visitors and mainly to those who do not speak our language.

The organization and the success of this event are a bet that the Federation, the Administration, Italy, Sicily and Syracuse want to win and we are aware that only being a strong team, together as one, we can achieve great goals.

We are ready!…and you?

The Organization Committee

5 thoughts on “ICF Canoe Polo World Championships 2016

  1. iam iran national cnoepolo teams head coach
    my men sinior team not in categories list i think mistake pls cheak egain tnx.

  2. Hi!
    Iam coach of russian national canoepolo team.
    could you point on the place of comhetitions inside town? thx
    p.s. gps position or point on your map would be perfect


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