Giancarlo Garozzo: “A great opportunity for Syracuse”


This important event scheduled for the next summer will be a great opportunity for Syracuse. About 700 athletes, representing all the international Federations which will be competing in the Canoe Polo World Championships 2016, will be the ambassadors of the city, of its history, of its culture, of its beauty.

Syracuse is ready to host them with its monuments, which have allowed the city the inscription on the World Heritage List of UNESCO as world heritage site: not only the greek Neapolis and theater, but also Ortigia and its squares, its palaces, its baroque architecture, its museums and also the sea and its coasts, among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. In the waters of Ortigia, we surely will be spectators of a first class show, full of emotions.

This is a proper recognition not only for the city of Syracuse, but also for all the athletes from the local teams, who have reached great goals (both in national and international field) especially in the recent years.

Giancarlo Garozzo, mayor of Syracuse

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